Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Technology in Schools

I was listening to This Week in Tech 258(a technology show hosted by Leo Laporte with various Co-Hosts) today and they mentioned a recent news story about an 11 year old girl who has gotten herself into a lot of trouble recently because of the way she carries herself online. During the show they talked about how parents need to talk to their children about the internet and the responsibilities using it entails and even likened it to the "sex talk" parents are supposed to have with their children. This comparison to the "sex talk" got me thinking about the Sex Education that I received when I was in elementary school and how these days it is almost as important for children to learn about proper online etiquette. I believe it is vitally important for our educational institutions to train our children to stay safe while interacting with others online. I know from personal experience that taking computer related classes during your primary and secondary education greatly increases the utility of your computer and helps you minimize the risks you take while socializing online. In the end, I hope that in the coming years states start to mandate computer education classes to make our future generation even more tech savvy.

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