Sunday, August 1, 2010

Australia's Free Fiber

It seems to me that in this ars technica article about the Australian Government giving away free fiber-optic cable really doesn't delve into the reasons a person may have to reject such a service. Well I do believe that there is a very important privacy concern regarding this service. With the implementation of this new system, the government will start to phase out the copper infrastructure already in place, meaning that any land line calls being made will be carried via the government owned fiber-optics, which also means that all phone calls will be carried over the same network as your internet service, allowing the government complete control of the information that comes into and leaves your house. Now that sounds more like something that the Chinese have in the works than a supposedly free society such as Australia. Now lets revisit the question every Australian is being faced with when that government employee comes knocking at their door as it should be formatted "would you like to allow the government to monitor every single communication you send and receive?" Granted under current Australian law they do try to filter the internet at the ISP level, but this goes much farther than mere filtering. Oh and don't get me started about the government trying to change the law to force people to comply with this edict.

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